Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vintage button and fabric scraps brooch Tutorial

~I just had a big sale on my new online store and I needed something to send as a "thank you" to all my sweet customers. I usually send a blank handmade card, but several of these ladies were repeat customers so I wanted to do something different. Plus the sale items had all been shirts so I thought brooches would be fun as well as relevant....This is a fun and super easy project. It is a really nice project to use vintage scraps or quilt pieces with. It is also a great way to showcase some of those pretty vintage buttons you have been hanging on to. (if you are using quilt scraps make sure to use the interface)~I was inspired by my very talented friend in Houston At Tanto Craft. Back around the Maker Faire I had gotten a Frida Pin from her . Inspired by this beautiful pin I made a few at Christmas but each one was completely different, and I worked them one at a time, so I had not really gotten the process down. I was still trying to figure out the best order to do it all in. Anytime I decide to do a batch of something I usually figure out a good recipe for the project. I am not sure if this is how Tanto makes hers but here is what I came up with.

Vintage button and fabric scraps brooch Tutorial

fabric scraps
fusible interface(optional)
round template(i used a jar bottom)
1" bar pin(jewelry notion)
glue gun
sewing machine(optional)

1.Trace and cut out your pattern from the felt (backing ) and one piece of fabric with interface attached to it. can use any pattern you would like for your brooch. I decided to use a circle. I wanted it to be easy to repeat and versatile, since I was making 5. I used the bottom of a pickle jar for my template and just traced it directly onto my fabric ( the back of course) with chalk
2. Sew the bar pin to the back of your felt piece. Think about where you want the location of the pin to be when you wear it. Make sure the opening of the pin is facing up so when you put it on it is easy to use.

3. Design your brooch with fabrics and buttons. Figure out where you want everything. ...Then start attaching each item from the bottom layer up.~ It helps to use your iron here. Iron all the scraps first. Then and if you want add interface to the back of them. Iron the entire brooch after you attach each layer; this keeps everything nice and flat. I like to add decorative stitching to the final layers. Then I arrange a few buttons, or just one special button.
4.Decide which way you want the brooch to be worn and where the pin should be located in relation to that.
5.Apply Glue to the back piece . I like to go around about a 1/4 " away from the edge of the brooch with a thin line of glue. Then sort of zig-zag in the middle. ...Then gently and evenly apply the top piece to the backing. Take care not to squirt excess glue out the sides.

6. Trim any excess fabric



Angie said...

Awesome way to use up fabric scraps! Looooooove the baby blue button in the last photo! said...

Oh how funny! I saw this earlier this morning on Cut Out and Keep and added it to the Daily DIY. I'll update my link to this one, I love this project!

Anonymous said...

These brooches are beautiful. It was really great to meet you at the Farmers Market this past Saturday. Hope you have a lovely day.

Krys and the boys

Mina said...

This is such a great tutorial, I loved it! It´s fabulous, thank you !

Celia said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial! Is so cute and fun!

Anne said...

These are so cool! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

Anonymous said...

These are so fantastic. I have so many fabric scraps and very little ideas of what to do with them.. now I'm inspired! Thanks for such a great idea!!

Geek+Nerd said...

These are so cute, and I think this would make a charming little gift for my mum for Mother's Day! Thank you for the tutorial.

secret cake said...

So sweet!

Judy said...

You are full of good ideas. The brooches are darling.

Burger in bunny ears is too.

Alex said...

Great tutorial! Even though it drives me crazy because I have no where to put them, I am saving all my scraps!

Alex said...

Is "no where" one word? Nowhere? Hmmm, I really have no idea at this moment. Oh boy I'm tired.

alittlebitofscrap said...

These are great! and what an awesome way to use scraps :)

Jox said...

lovely, thanks for this.

Candance said...

Fun and SOOO pretty!! I can't wait to pick up my package and start wearing mine!

Anonymous said...
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Dena said...

Your brooches are just beautiful. I love making things from vintage buttons. Thanks for posting this tutorial on your blog... :)

Elle said...

Really love this tutorial. Might have to make myself some brooches with my scraps. Thanks for this.

char said...

Oh i've been lookign for somehting new todo with all my scraps for ages - thanks for coming up in the search i did lol..

i'll be following, and post the results when i have a go :)