Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the garden after the rain...

~We had some beautiful rain followed but a rare cool front in central Texas over the past week and it has made the garden a wondrous place the last few days.

....We have started harvesting cucumbers ,
~I love a budding cucumber plant they can be so ferocious
~We will probably be eating our own green beans by next Wednesday.

~I am still struggling with something chopping off my tomato flowers?? GRRRR
....and I think squash is on this weekends menu.
~I have quite a few more flowers this year than last , we planted zinnias, red sunflowers marigolds, and nasturtiums from seeds. These mums are hold outs from last year. I have found that in central Texas my mums are that how they are everywhere?

I wonder....moo


Shorty said...

Beautiful pics! Love your garden so much! Can't wait to read about your delicious weekend meals!

judy said...

Hey Belle,

Dropping by to see what you are up to and say hi and saw your "blossom drop" problem. I had the same problem earlier in the season. It can be caused by a few things, but it's likely the cool front you guys had. Tomatoes don't like temps under 55. It could be humidity or lack of humidity...try feeding your tomatoes with Epsom salt and see if they get happier for you.

Candance said...

You're garden is so pretty!! You have a very green thumb!