Friday, May 29, 2009

Watermelon Agua Fresca

~I have had some really terrible luck with water melon purchases this year so far. If my dad was around he would harp on me for buying those overpriced seedless(tasteless) watermelons. However he was not dealing with a 7 month old that loved watermelon( or was he) And seedless water melons have come a long way in the last decade( maybe).

....Well my 7 month old is going on 3 now and I can probably give him the grown up kind but I have been dazzled by cheap seedless prices 3 times in the last month. All 3 times each water melon left much to be desired. Even Burger wasn't really going for it. Not even kosher salt was helping the tasteless melons. So I made a few batches of Popsicles(later post)which were quite yummy but in abundance.

~I started day dreaming about this little place I used to frequent in Tucson called Little Cafe Poca Cosa. They had terrific food and always a packed house and always 4-5 fresh Agua frescas that would be sucked up quickly by their sun soaked patrons. These refreshing beverages were the type of thing that drew you into an eatery. Quite addictive.

So I began trying salvage something from my tasteless water melons and here is what I have finalized after repeating it now 4 or 5 times. The recipe makes enough for a nice afternoon refresher for 2 . If you are making the drink for a meal or group of thirsty beasts; I would double it, or make several batches. It is not really something I would keep for more that a few hours in the fridge. The beauty of these drinks is their freshness

Water melon Agua fresca

2 cups cold water melon
1/8 -1/4 c sugar
big pinch kosher salt
1/2 c cold water
*mint leaves for garnish

This is a pretty loose recipe. I put my melon in the blender. Then the Sugar( more or less to how unsweet your melon is). The salt and then I add just enough water to make it go .
The mint was an accidental treat! I was trying to make it pretty for the photo shoot and then I drank it with the mint and it add an amazingly fresh finish. I am sure lime would also go really well in this beverage and now I am thinking some rum might be nice too...sort of a watermelon mojito thingy. OK I will stop ...happy lazy summer


Candance said...

"now I am thinking some rum might be nice too'

I was totally thinking, I would so add booze to this.

alittlebitofscrap said...

I vote for rum! although I'm not one for the melon.. or melon of any kind.

Alex said...

I recently got a really good (and HUGE!) seeded watermelon at Central Market for $5 (a good price I think for the size). Sorry I missed y'all at the market, I didn't make it this weekend, hope to see you soon!