Sunday, May 24, 2009

New apron design, and Some Custom Looks

~I designed a new apron for a client back in early April. She simply wanted one of my aprons in a larger size with a fuller coverage design. I had already been working on KG's apron,
So I drafted a pattern from the one I made for him that met the measurements I took from the client.She set me free with the design just requested it be Bright and sunny.I found the lower skirt fabric in my stash and created the design around that fabric . The flower applique's on the bib are from a tiny vintage eyelet kerchief that had a damaged edge.

~I took it the market for her to pick up and my next client saw the apron and just loved it! She wanted 3 , exactly the same size. One for her , her daughter, and her daughter en law. She really liked one I had with a red polka dot chick and requested that chic on hers, but gave me freedom with everything else. I found this apple fabric and thought it would be perfect for her and look lovely with the red chick.

~The second apron design I decided to build around this vintage star quilt piece I had.

~I really like the pocket on the final apron. I think I might do some wall pieces in this vein.

~I had made this custom Texas apron for another friend right before I started the 3 custom order.

~I think alot it's design elements affected the design of the last 3 custom pieces Including these pieced ties. I was inspired by the ties on an apron in this book. I did not actually make the apron on Zakka sewing and I had been piecing together the neck straps on my aprons... but for some reason I had not done this with the ties(? )To this extent . I really love them and it frees me up to use more of my scraps. The ties and strap are always the last thing I make for an apron, and that is when I have all my scraps from the body just lying around. Ta DA!
This post has been piling up in my I photo for almost 2 months so it is LONG .But I needed to purge. Thanks for looking and listening!


Alex said...

Wow, nice work! I love all the flower appliques and the Texas-shaped one is awesome!

Blue Mama said...

Love, love, love!!!! Great work!!!

Amy said...

Really nice, love them all great work.

belle said...

thanks ladiies for all your sweet words!