Thursday, May 6, 2010

belle and burger closet sale May14-15!!

~I have been filling my closet with all kinds of summer fancies. I will be opening it up for a Two day, drop in' sale next weekend Friday May 14Th 12-4 and Saturday MAy 15Th from 11-2.... I will have lots of the new skirts, dresses, knit tanks and tshirts. I also have all sorts of extra littles like undies, pin cushions, bags and such. This is also a perfect opportunity to chat about that custom order you have been wanting, right !?If you are local FB me and I can give you the address or send me an email. (bellesouthgirl at yahoo dot com). I will hopefully post some preview pix next week!
**** or check only****(sorry no plastics )

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Laura said...

i am so excited! i was just thinkin how i needed some new summer beauties and should send my money on over to lil c!! lerv u girly