Tuesday, May 18, 2010

we've been slimed....

~Burger loves Ghostbusters, especially The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series; Slimer being his fave of course ( although I believe Peter Venkman is a close second).
~He also has a special place in his heart for all things slimy.
So when we were recently watching an episode of popular mechanics for kids and they revealed two recipes for slime, I quickly jotted them down.
We tried the less toxic(seeming) slime, that involved corn starch and water. Basically you mix the two until you get a slime consistency that pleases your Slimer. We also mixed in green food coloring. Burger was captivated with his non-Newtonian fluid, for the better part of an hour. Clean up was actually super easy( but would have been even easier in the yard(duh). This site has a wealth of great slime information. I think we will try this slime recipe next , or check this out...How to make Nickelodeon style slime! the ingredients are a little more specific so maybe....but outside this time! also, he wants it to be red next time.


Blue Mama said...

LOVE THIS!!! My boys love GB too...I will totally make this!

Lo Christine said...

Looks fun! I think my daughter would love to play with slime:)