Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~No sew~ skinny scarf from knit sheet tutorial

Central Texas has extremely mild winters. I had high hopes for this winter because we actually have been having what y'all overseas* folks call fall. Well, the news is out and "they" are predicting a mild winter here this coming season. Now I am not certain if "they" mean a normal Central Texas winter or an even milder one.
SO not to stop my ramble, but I will get to the point. I made this little scarf last week with our predicted mild winter in mind; Also I was having the onslaught of a cold and my sweet "Dr" told me to keep my self covered across the neck and chest. This would keep all that wind out.
I have been wanting to make a skinnier version of these long knit scarfs I saw last season ..I think at Old Navy. I like that you can tie a pretty bow or just do a loose job.
one flat knit sheet any size or 2 yrds of knit fabric
sharp fabric scissors
tape measure

***The sheet is the easiest method because you simply lay the sheet out and the top to bottom length is your scarf length.
**** the st etch of your fabric should be in the width of your scarf

1. lay out sheet or fabric out nice and flat cut off the hem if there is one. The stretch of the fabric should be with the width of your scarf.
2. measure in reg intervals 6 " from your edge the entire length of your fabric.

3.Using your Fabric scissors cut along your dotted chalk lines.
4. tie your scarf on.... like, i said I like the bow tie look.tight or loose
* is my new fave song that includes this" overseas" ref


Alex said...

Cute! I love the tiny stripes!

Tamonster said...

I have one of those knit scarves from Old Navy. Its my favorite scarf and i keep wanting to make another one like it but I just haven't gotten around it to it! Bravo!