Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its time to eat the pumpkin and recollect

~so I made the first pumpkin pie of the season last night. I used fresh pumpkin(of course) and Martha's recipe, except I used a store bought( gasp) crust... Hey I may be crazy but I ain't insane; I know my limits. I am not risking our first pumpkin pie with an experimental crust from these rookie paws. Mine came from her book but I love this clip with Betty white.
While munching pumpkin pie for breakfast I figured I would do a little photo~tage of the last few crazy sick birthday weeks from here in central Texas...because I need to remember.
~First Burger had a birthday and a party and lots of cake. Here he contemplates the one I made for him . ....homemade Strawberry birthday cake. I was completely disappointed with this recipe. It was more like corn bread than cake. It was actually not so bad warm outta the oven but after being in the refrigerator and then frosted the next day; It was just way too dense. I love this part shot of me and spidey. Burger recently switched from wolverine to Spiderman,
my little man is growing up!
Kg's celebration was the next week and I made this little kitty dress for our date~nite. It is the tank dress I made late this summer without the shirring at the waist and belted, instead.
I made pickles for Kg's bday in lieu of cake. I altered Bertie's recipe by adding mixed vegetables and jalapenos. My version of Escabeche .

Under direction from Burger, Kg bought a Ghostbusters costume for his Halloween getup ( someone needed a blaster and power pack). Kyle was Peter Venkman ...so handsomeSo decided to go as the gatekeeper or Zuul .
I made my dress by altering on this pattern.
Among all this I also wanted to share a "coming home " custom baby outfit I made for a very special little boy expected to arrive in December. He is a miracle baby; he was conceived by egg donor in Uruguay and we are very excited for his safe arrival! Welcome little Seeley!

Yay it is November!!!!!!!!!!!!

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