Monday, October 10, 2011

home-made trading cards

~ A few weeks back while helping a friend pack up her kids' room I stumbled across his homemade trading cards that were AWESOME! I loved everything about them from concept to completion.
Ironically, that same week burger was begging to go buy some new trading cards. I asked,"what kind?" he responded "baseball, no ...Bakugan, no ....monsters!" I said" monsters! those would be awesome,but I am not sure they make them".
I then explained about the friends cards and to as a lovely surprise he was super stoked. That day 2 weeks ago we bought some new skinny markers and a package of cards. We have since bought 2 more packages of cards! he cannot get enough. Everyday, several times a day, he sits and makes cards. he almost always works in series. Sometimes we join in(grackles) or he asks us to label them. However the last few days he has been labeling them himself. I am loving it. Here are a few of the first ones.

All you need
3x5 Note cards

~Dinosaur Cards
~Monster cards

~Shark Cards

Get Your Own Pet ; Cards

*PS the pictures up top are some new faves; The leviathan( we just bought mythic miniature toy creatures in a tube) ...the cheetah chasing the gazelle is the 4Th or 5Th rendering of this concept...this morning he pronounced this was his best cheetah yet!

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Alex said...

Ahhhh, love the 3-headed monster! Stacked heads, how genius!