Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the wake of the front

~the norther is finally blowing in today! Believe me after the summer we have had we deserve it!! I have been a ball of scribbles all month it seems but here are some things to share!!!
I made a set of woodland cards using some old worn children's book illustrations and fabric scraps... I love this paper it totally reminds of good times spent in the printmaking studio. Here is my tutorial outlining exactly how I make these sets of cards. Although I have taken to using heat and bond to initially attach the fabric to the paper...then I stitch
along with card making (which I had not done in way too long) I delved into a little jewelry construction this month when I made this charm necklace for a sweet girl of mine. The feather I found at her wedding which was held amongst the peacocks.....loverly

...these super fantastic earrings were gifted to me in a bag of trinkets...they just needed hooks. I luuuurve them for their nice substantial weight and the way the little poky things brush my shoulders! I think the are maybe carved horn?!

And a few of my fall fashion designs
~love this new shoulder shirt!! same shirt with fave new micro mini skirts ...puuurrrrfect over thick tights and leggings

~LOve this longish wool skirt ......It is made from vintage fabric that is AMAzing. It has an elastic waist and would look be perfect over a vintage silk slip and a sheer blouse. THe Tshirt is my boat neck altered just a bit at the neck for a more casual less shoulder bearing look!

~Making lots of new knits right now ....i love these tunics layered over just about everything; so comfy and sassy!

THis is my fall wrap. The first one of these I made was in the winter last year. a week before the endless summer started. So I am happy to be pulling this pattern out( although it is not a pattern really; tutorial to come). I gave one away on here last week in support of national spirit day

happy howlsweekend to you all!!!!!


Lo Christine said...

Great pieces! And you gave me the idea to use a hawk feather we found for a necklace:)

Self & Co. said...

those cards are sooo cute, refreshing really in this world of e-cards and 'facebook wishes'

Jani said...

Love those zig-zag textured tights! Reminds me of the Missoni for Target line!