Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the white ninja

Burger decied he wanted to be a white Ninja this year;
~his inspiration.....

My inspiration.....This was the first fitting and slay test(notice the slain dragon in the lower left corner)
The finished costume is a surprise for his up coming birthday...if I can wait!! I designed the pattern myself ...basically I just used old PJ's of burger's as a pattern. I designed the tunic to be loose and created the applique template of the dragon from a slew of clip art inspiration. I kinda love him...the ninja(of course) and the dragon

We searched all the local Halloween joints for a white ninja, but to no avail. I did find several white Ninja costumes online however I was worried since I was ordering late the costume would not arrive in time for his birthday; which is when he usually starts his 2 week long Halloween celebration. Now mind you, this is really only the second time(first time flashback) I have been allowed to make Halloween costumes for him....and I am bursting over the results and his response!! Usually the boys enjoy getting store bought which is just fine with me ( sniff sniff)
~during the little fitting he turned to me in the most earnest way and said "i loooove it!" yeah that felt real good! I think with the addition dragon I will get a nice giant beaming smile!!!! and maybe the priviledge of making the next costume!

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