Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Barrette celebration ~give-away!!!

So this week was probably one of the lousiest weeks for me to loose access to blogging and the Internet. Let's just say I had very limited undependable access but now Ernest(my computers new name; pretty bad, I know, but the name is in my heart) is healthy and happy and we will move on and never speak of his sickness again.
Now the reason this was bad timing to loose Ernest was because I had two very terrific fantastic write ups on the superhero of online craft blogs; Craftzine. In celebration of the first post about my Fabric button barrette tutorial. Ithought I would run a barrette give-away of these little sandy dandies. (yes these are two photos of the same barrettes that ar up for grabs) Just leave a comment telling me your favorite crafty site here on this post. Then, on Sept 15Th my handsome assistant will draw a winner from the hat ! (Please remember to leave your email for me to contact you if you win)

And if your not feeling lucky or crafty I also added these barrettes to my etsy shop~

The second mention is a profile written by the fabulous Rachel, from average jane crafter for the vendors participating in the Austin Bazaar Bizarre. Her title for my profile was"Belle and Burger: Down Home Sass and a Dash of Practicality"~yeah I kinda love her! thanks so much Rachel. My accomplice for the Bazaar bizarre, Blue mama, had a terrific profile on Craftzine today has been an exciting week for these two little mamas


Blue Mama said...

Awww yeah! Blue (Mama) Belle (& Burger) out in full force! ;) I'm glad Ernest is feeling better.

I heart the brown barrettes with the fuzzy buttons. Cute. Oh BTW don't enter me in the drawing, I just had to comment on your post!

I'm so thrilled with all the Craft love, especially on your end! YAYAYAY!!!!

Anonymous said... of my favorite craft blogs is by marichelle. Such a nice layout and she does a lot of "features" and interviews instead of regular old posts. If you check it out you'll see what I mean.

Henry said...

I'm not sure it counts as a craft site, but Laura Ingalls Gunn's blog Decor to Adore is awesome. And I swear she must be the nicest human to have ever rooamed the earth. I'm blogging this on my contest blog. love your shop!

Steph said...

I love those barrettes!

My favorite craft site is, where I see lots of wonderful things that I never get around to making.


Unknown said...

I love :)

Anonymous said...

I’ve given you the “I LOVE YOUR BLOG” award.
please see my blog for details.

Kim and Corey Nasfell said...

CUTE!!!!!! I LOVE the clippies!! My favorite crafty blog right now is (granted it's crafty as far as creative hair goes but, to me, that IS crafty) my other one is (she's a mother of EIGHT and yet still creates such fabulous stuff)!!

ilovejif (at) yahoo (dot) com

jenny said...

wow i love to try and win some there all so cute thanks

Heidi said...

I LOVE these! My favorite crafty site is, of course, etsy. It's your one stop shop.

Anonymous said...

My favorite crafty site is Craftster. There are projects there for just about anyone!

Nanna said...

Oh these are cute!!!
It is so hard to pick one store. I love everything on etsy!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I love 'Wood & Whimsy'. Celene is awesome. These barrettes are super cute....

TJDKG said...

you want me to pic my favorite etsy shop.. i dont think its possible! I can spend hours looking on etsy and just keep looking and never get board. I love all the crfty stuff.And i love looking on to get ideas and look at all the mega uber crafty people in the world!
those barrettes you made are adorable! and i like your owl apron too!
jauna at juno dot com
missionsecretsister at gmail dot com

Susan W said...

I love Handmade and homebaked blog.
Thanks so much I love the hairpins!