Tuesday, September 2, 2008

searching for my red ; and a great date

It has been a while since red has drifted back into my focus....It is however my lifelong favorite. I remember when I was in maybe 7th grade my dad asking me why I had so much red in my paintings"are you angry? "he asked. I totally did not get this (I have never thought of myself as angry),I don't remember how I responded . ...anyway a red for fall

Dada and I spent date night at this wonderful new to me Colombian restaurant; Casa Colombia.(love the red in their sign)

It was super fantastico, great food very nice atmosphere all for a reasonable price. Dada discovered it while we were in Bama.
He says it was opened by the chef who first opened Dona Emilia's . Which was a very tasty eastside treat that we used to go to when I was an eastsider back in the day. I have not been to the downtown location but from the looks of their website, Casa Columbia is more like the eastside Dona Emilia's that I remember.

Low key and laid back with fantastic food at reasonable price. I had perfectly pan cooked tilapia with avocado sliced on top and a spicy mayo on the side . Fried yucca, sweet plantains(YUMYUM), and beans came with it.
We also had this awesome appetizer of fried plantains stuffed with cheese. I totally forgot the food pix, sorry.

On this date-nite I sported another 5 minute angry chicken skirt I made. I used this beautiful vintage silk fabric that my sweet brother e -law gave me( thanks c). You can kinda see it here; think 1987 librarian..very sexy
I really love this pattern ...not these photos though .YOU MUST MAKE THIS SKIRT! IT IS FOOL PROOF!
The hem looks kinda janky in this photo ( I was having silk /serger issues), but I still loved it! Especially with my sexy datenite only shoes!( thanks nanny) I must take a real photo of these shoes they are really cute (not comfortable).

We had a fun Sunday! We rode out to the Buda Natural Science Museum
After burger inspired us with his elephant impersonation

****Warning I am pretty terrible with a video camera
"ELEPHANT!!!" Burger


Blue Mama said...

Look at you beautiful Mama!!! Red has always been my favorite too. 7th grade....red trim on my white walls, FINALLY my mom let me do it!

I have a theory about women and the color red, I must share one day. Perhaps over a beer?

julia said...

chas! you are one smokin hot mama!

Anonymous said...

I love your red show and tell...I used to wear and collect a good bit of red, too. I have to agree a little bit with your dad. I wore red when I was feeling especially bold or defiant. Those days are long gone for me...thank the Lord! I still have select red pieces of clothing and few odds and ends around my house. Red is a mood changer for sure. That's one reason I love zinnias...I've got a vase of zinnias in different shades of red on our piano now. I feel better just looking at them. They look so happy they don't need a wonderful scent.

One thing I never, never want is a red vehicle. They get more tickets and are in more accidents than any other color on the road.

Your dinner date meal sounds wonderful! yum!

I'd love to hear Jen's theory...

Laura said...

well, my sis stole my word, but all i was thinking when i saw your pics was, damn girl! you look smokin'!!!

what if i don't have a serger, can i still make this skirt, but have to suffer thru a regular hem?

love you lil c!