Friday, September 19, 2008

Blue MamaTutorial, upcycle your plastic jug lids

My gal pal Blue Mama has a superfantabuloso tutorial on her blog Mama sings the blues, all about how to use old water/milk jug caps with fabric scraps to make fabulous decoupaged gems. There are 3 options on what to make, magnets,
earrings or pendants.
What a great way to be green and get your craft on at the same time! I can't wait to make Burger a set of elephant magnets(2 of his favorite things).


Blue Mama said...

Thanks, Mama!
Be sure to use LOTS of glue, I was having a few problems with the magnets sticking to the lids permanently.
The wooden discs work well too, I'll give you a few if you want to compare.

Jennifer said...

thanks for the comment! how did you find me by the way? i am so enjoying your blog. :) enjoy your weekend!