Tuesday, October 28, 2008

birthday week in review, a whole lot of pictures

We had a terrific week Dada turned 30(practicing his Popeye look) And burger turned 2. I tried to stay off the blog a little so I have quite a few photos to share.
Making thank you "pumpkin"cardsI took this photo to make Dada's b-day card

Pretty basil in the back yard has gone to seed: time to make pestoAlso some fancy gifts to show you from my gal pal blue mama . She made Burger this adorable elephant shirt. He squealed "L-fant"delightedly. I got my very first mama-versary gift. This beautiful hat, just in time for some chilly air in Austin.

So this year I wanted to give Dada a little bit of what he gives me all year...creative space and means. I have been oogling over average janes prints and printing classes for quite a while so I decided that I would get Dada a 5 week class in guerrilla screen printing with Kathleen Mctee at studio 1408. He has been doing his own home style printing for years but had sort of lost his supplies and time since Burger bounced out(yeah bounced he he). I figured it was high time he visit a creative safe house! He was very nervous his first week but this is week 3 and I think he is really getting into it. I don't have prints to share yet but soon.
I also gave him a new note book and made a handsome cover for it.

I like the whole family getting inspired together. This scene in the kitchen mid- week really gave me quite a thrill. It slowly evolved into a body art session

followed by one very long soapy bath.
I also made a few little outfits for my self to wear on my mans #30. He had requested a little french maid thing so I did my best with this little apron and a fun net body stocking and some pretty black strappy shoes.I also got some sassy little ankle boots to wear out to dinner(dada hinted he thought they were sexy)Trying to match these fabulous boot, I went to savers and for less than $20 I reconstructed a dress into a shirt, added a sweet brooch, then made a little shrug from some wacky early '90's sweater.I also got the belt at savers,the stockings were from my stash and Yes that is my fancy recycled black bag that I swapped with Blue Mama. Get yours in white!
We had dinner at an old favorite Austin Land and Cattle. Our steak was perfect black and blue. The real reason we go here is probably the escargot on their apps menu. It was delish and perfect. "The best dinner we have eaten out in a year at least" words from the birthday boy himself. We stayed at the Pearl streetB&B and I wish I could say it was as great as the restaurant. Although the Bed was gorgeous... The Breakfast was severely lacking. They served a "continental style" breakfast that was self serve Churro sticks and Folgers coffee.UGH! So it was more like a pretty hotel in a historic house. "The Inn has a reputation of offering exceptional ambiance and service" it says on their website but we didn't see anyone who worked there the entire time. Needless to say we had breakfast somewhere else. We had a beautiful fantastic week..thanks daddy for making your birthday all about us!
I love you my darling


Blue Mama said...

Sassy Mama!!!!

I love you guys, Happy Birthday Gordon men!!

Candance said...

Hey, if your hubby's last name is Gordon, we have the same last name!!

Happy birthday to him and, LOVE your stuff! I'm not playing, I want a skirt. I will give you lots (by lots I mean on the scale where I'm the single mother of two kids who works for a non profit not the Fancy Rich Lady Who Stays at Home and Has a Personal Trainer scale). I'm going to your Etsy thingy right now.

julia said...

awww... i love you guys... happy birthday boys!
and well done foxy mama- i love yer frenchy maid outfit...

Anonymous said...

sweet, chas. y'all just keep on loving each other.