Saturday, October 11, 2008

lordy, it seems like it's been a while....

Well there is a week or so(or less ) before the Maker Faire. I am so not supposed to be in front of this machine( much less posting for an hour) but in front of the other ones....(wow that is how I used to sew 6 months ago )

~BUTdaddy ran off to a birthday party and I am needing to see a little of my progress up on here. I do not have photos of last weeks work(yet) but I did want to share the pockets I made for skirts a few weeks back...

~Sage green cord skirt "butterfly"
From Anna Maria Horner print(who by the way just published a book, "Seams to Me" that is due out this month and way up there on my wish list and you can go here to enter and win some cool stuff including a sewing machine)

This little number is some super sexy librarian tweedy hounds toothy material (lovin' it)
The pocket also showcases Anna's fabulous material from the Sketch book series

This one is "rodeo gal"...the skirt is on Tejano style shirting material that I bought on close out because I NEEDED 4 YARDS OF TEJANO SHIRTING MATERIAL! anyway it has like a line of faux Navajo weaving behind a Cowboy on a buckin' Bronco( you would have done the same as me)
Cali this is an xtra small

"teaching frogs?"


I am lovin' on corduroy this skirt is brown skinny cord
I have also been making barrettes ...this is a little hint about my teeny little secret.
I made these as a professional thank you gift(shmoosy perhaps...but I am southern it just comes naturally) ~and these are for me I have been trying to work out way to put these beautiful little vintage buttons on the barrettes so I came up with these tiny little broaches( it was and Idea that I sort of brainstormed with my Cali trans plant ,thanks Cali lady)...I am really loving their delicateness. All the materials here are little tiny very old( like the 40's) scraps that I cannot bring myself to admit I have no use for. The ones on the left are a tiny scrap from old quited squares I used to make these "heirloom pin cushion" a while back . When you wear them they look like little floating pieces of loveliness(yes I am a little loony)

~See here I am with my floaty lovliness hair pin?(what do you mean you cannot see it?) Oh yeah this shirt that I stole from my stash is one of LOTS of Raglan style shirts I have made in 3 styles and 3 sizes and many many color combos. I am really digging them so much that I had a hard time choosing the one I wanted to keep and wear for date night....

~This one I thought was quite boobalishious(and since date night is when the boobs are mine;sortof )
~and perfect for daddy and a ride out to the Giddy -Ups, (Yes that is the name of a bar that we really do go to~it is in Manchacu little dream hometown)

Well I better get back to my other machines is some irresistible bling
* sorry for all my blurry photos all though I sort of like 'em that way


Blue Mama said...

Getting close! Looks like you had a fun date--judging from your boobtastic shirt!! ;)

I'm excited and nervous, can't believe it's next week! I sewed in 3 of my liners, go me!

amy is the party said...

Gorgeous choice of fabrics! I love all the great fabric and color combos. I wish I could come see your booth in person. Good lick at Maker Faire!

julia said...

WOWZAH- i see why k made you keep that shirt hot mama! no wonder you almost got managed by the in n outlaws!

Laura said...

srcumptious pockets! and look at lil burger! he's got your sweet little smile and his daddy's eyes! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your pockets!

Your boy gets "prettier" ever time I see him.

Loony is good...
my daughter says I'm goofy. I'd rather be loony.