Tuesday, October 7, 2008

where am I?

I was just meandering through the day of multicrafty, admiring her beautiful creative family and I remembered that it is not all work around here(even though My mind seems like it has problems switching gears). We are still having family outings...
~and date nights;(this week daddy took me to the Broken Spoke for a little honkytonk lovin')

...we danced more times than I can count to the stylings of my 'this weeks fav' country music sensation Bruce Robison. I cant stop playing his latest offering "New World"; or repeating the track California '85(much to Dada's annoyance)

~And I am still enjoying tea and toast(well pumpkin/zucchini bread recipe link below) with burger in the mornings; and finally we can do it outside .
~It is true I have a few jars of paint open now and I am fearful of making a muddy picture.
The reality is I am making this up as I go along: there is no right or wrong way to it. I guess this post is to remind me that this time is a very tiny segment in my so far, long life and ...I am still here. I am very excited and slightly frazzled over one particular thing that is in the works right now. I have been keeping it a secret from the cyber part of my life so as not to jinx it or otherwise screw it up. I promise to share when all is set in print.

~I meant to share this a week ago... I get itchy for pumpkin pie as soon as I see those little sugar pumpkins at the market but I don't want to burn out before the holidays (I will still be eating pumpkin pie on New Years Eve) So I start with pumpkin bread. Last year I tested several recipes because I made pumpkin and apple harvest cake for burger's first birthday party. My favorite was a Pumpkin zucchini recipe.(This is not the recipe I used but I cannot seem to locate mine...yes I lost it in a week ~this is close to what I remember) I use fresh pumpkin and I always use pecans cause Jack liked pecans best. I also double the recipe, this way I use the whole pumpkin that I bake. The bread freezes super fabulously or makes a sweet little gift to help welcome the change of seasons(which are always way overdue in central Texas).

~I leave you with a photo fav from this week ~my handsome men

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for those kind words, they made my day. And I'm laughing at the pic of your little boy coloring, it seems he got more on himself than on the picture. L. still does that, but we can't "scold" her for coloring on herself considering her Dad has 2 sleeves and a chest piece done and I have half a sleeve done on myself. It is cute for her to say "See Mama, I have tattoos on me just like you and Daddy."