Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happy day to my sweetest

We had a great day yesterday! I can't believe we have had our little burger now for Two years, but I also can't remember( or imagine) life before him. We went to two fire stations in south Austin. (Thanks to blue mama for date inspiration) The firemen were all so sweet and burger was fascinated
Burger was a little to nervous to actually sit in the truck , We also had lunch with Dada at our favorite hop skip and a jump tex-mex restaurant Casa Maria. Then he had a special treat of Memee and Paps stopping by to drop his cool personalized wagon that they gave him for The big #2. He really loved the ride around the yard Paps delivered! I had to bribe him with cake to get him back in the car( although he was so tired he napped before he could sample the cakes) to head over to Heycupcake!this darling little cup cake vendor south congress.

Since I am waiting till our Saturday birthday bar-b-que to bake this cake for the boys,this was the perfect chance to check out these most talked about delish cakes. We got 2 standards(Chocolate icing yellow cake) one red velvet(yummy)... and for my finicky baby a carrot cake. (he won't eat chocolate). We snuggled up and read our new favorite birthday books and fell off to much needed rest( for all of us).
I love you, handsome little man!


Laura said...

I knew I was forgetting something yesterday! big hugs and smoocheees!

Candance said...

Happy birthday to your little dude!! And, now I'm totally moving to Austin because you have cupcake stand. Mother of God, my pants just got tighter thinking about it.

born to fete said...

Hi! It was great to meet you! Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. I totally missed Bill Murray too, and he was right in front of us! I would love to make you a frida brooch. I can either send it over to you directly, or make you a reserved listing on my etsy shop, just let me know!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy! Your photos of his special day are wonderful!