Monday, October 20, 2008

Maker Madness; what you (and me)MISSED!!

Last week I purchased $53 of relpax(2pills) because there was no way that a sure to come migraine bout was gonna keep me from the faire. I had worked hard and was super excited about meeting lots of folks in person finally!
Well guess what , No migraines! Instead I had the most excruciatingly painful sore throat followed by an all out common cold? (i think I am still suffering) Lack of sleep and proper nutrients I suppose got the best of me finally anyway. WahWah right
I was there for Friday load in and until Saturday about 3:00 when my smuggled in hot tea supply fizzled and I heard the news there was no hot water or soup in the place(NO SOUP? what about those of us that should be home in bed....Rachel)I sat here while I was at the faire, then I left boohoo
Anyhow ,Of course my friends and brave hubby came to my rescue. (I cannot begin to express my gratitude esp in a blog so I will do that privately)
Daddy takes better pictures than me anyway here is a splattering...

~My favorite panties...this is all i have left of you

~Yumyummy cupcake necklaces and sweet vintage button rings from blue mama

Burger was terrified of the ping pong tossing robot! And frankly the blasting of Rick Astley" never gonna give you up" was quite petrifying......but "cool robot"was all I heard, when we were home and we had to watch The Iron giant 3X
Aside from my total failure to show up, the Belle and burger and Blue Mama combo booth was quite a successful collaboration. We are planning on moving BlueMama into the Farmers Market booth in November!
Here is our wondrous sign supplied by the fantastic guys over at Sun Signs~ a great local place to get your signage made! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AUSTIN BUSINESSES!!!!!

I think the real reason the craft faire gods made me sick was so my man could make the Biggest Booth sale of the weekend to bill Murray. He bought a awesomely cool blue mama "lone Star" beer cap necklace!!!! (shown here on this lady where you cannot see it) yes I said Bill Murray !!!Daddy even took stalker style photos and everything. What a thrill! I still cannot believe I missed it.

I did however get to meet crafty super star Jennifer Perkins of Naught Secretary Club . Jennifer and her sissy Hope (of Hot Pink Pistol, these are super~badass genius)had the booth right next to us.
Jennifer was looking quite lovely and had the personality to match. She also did some demos and was promoting her new fabulously crafty book" The Naught Secretary Club~ The working Girl's guide to handmade jewelry"

There is so much to say but I have a week of birthdays and one thing I am giving them is my time ! It was awesome an I am super excited abut all my new crafty pals.


Anonymous said...

Sad to hear you were sick through it all but I'm jealous you got to meet (let alone right next to) Jennifer Perkins. That is way to awesome!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like exciting times...I wish there was a magic wand that could have cured your throat!

Kristen said...

I love the incognito pics of bill murray :) i missed maker faire as well (the one weekend i had plans to go out of austin... terrible foresight on my part) so I have been obsessively catching up through other people's blogs. sorry you were sick, but glad to hear overall the booth was a success!

Jennifer Perkins said...

It was lovely to mee you at Maker, I was sad you got sick and had to duck out. But that Kyle was a sweetie too. I am gonna come see you kids at the Farmers Market this fall hell or highwater! I will get up, dressed and out of the house before 1pm - I will!