Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas crunch

I am going a little BIZ-erko around here trying to pull off all the things I left to the last minute. I was so busy making market goods that I realized haven't even hardly begun with my family and friends sweet goods. It is a good thing that I work well under pressure(daddy says I do my best in a time crunch) Sew I am just saving the best for last, right?
Anyway a quick hello and happy holly~daze to you and yours . ~Also a quick peep into the whirlwind that is my tiny brain and even tinier house.(gifts in progress) ~ I recently( re)discovered covered buttons when I made some for this custom apron(my first child's apron)....I used to work at a wholesale leather cleaners as a seamstress and we used to have to make leather covered replacement buttons all the time. I don't think I ever actually made a fabric covered one before. They are so much easier to make that the leather ones! And such instant gratification. I bought a couple of the kits at a half off notions sale (at a big box fabric locale) Another custom apron to share. For one of my favorite Crazy Texas ladies~ Here are some finished gifts.(some I cannot show yet)...my first decoupaged project ( just the frame is decoupaged...very fun)

~Here are some pretty barrettes and a few other gifts for my lovelies

~pillows with pockets for boys who like to hoard and hide!

~And cookies cookies cookies.... I split my cowboy cookies in half and put raisins in one half (no nuts or chips) and half with choc and peanut butter chips. I also made the toddler truffles from The Toddler Cafe, that I mentioned earlier this month and I made them into "almond joys" I added almonds to the mix and then rolled them in sweetened coconut (Dada loves almond joy). They look pretty and taste great.I cannot believe they are made with black beans!
~My man and I took a sweet holly~date this weekend that seemed long overdue....We usually go for sushi around my birthday so we decided to hit up our favorite super close sushi joint. Super close date locales are nice 'cause we can come back to the house for a little snuggle time before we pick up the babe. The fish was fresh and delish as always.

~I suppose the date night seemed over due because we spent date night last week printing our Christmas cards. Finally we got to try out some of daddy's new skills he learned from his Guerrilla screen printing class, Together. ...I did a little screen printing in undergrad but that has been quite some time ago. Daddy designed and executed the screen and I was his little printing helper. I chose and tore the paper to size and mixed the colors that we both agreed on . I was also the "clean hands " during printing, moving the paper in and out of position. Needless to say for our first collaborative print we forgot to take "action" photos but I did snap a few during drying
~I am realizing as I enter my second morning trying to finish up this post that I am trying to sneak a catch up post in here so I am just gonna tell it like it is "this is a ketchup post". It is my first time trying to blog during the holidays( and only my third Christmas as a mommy; which means trying to learn how to celebrate the holiday as a micro family)

....So get fat, be merry and stay safe.
lalalallove ya'll


Candance said...

Thank you so much for the beautimous apron!! It totally made Shannon's day!! I was going to post a picture of it on my blog last night but I'm using Grace's computer (because David is a psychopath) and I couldn't find where I saved it.

Have a very merry Christmas!!!

Laura said...

hi sweet lady!! we got your awesome collab silk screen card and it is gorgeous!!! good yob kyle! it's by far my favorite holiday card since the one u sent me from last year..and what a nice contrast, was not expecting the graphic crisp lines from my crafty mama when i opened the envelope...i think yins have a future.
i heart that little framed birdie, heart, heart....merry christmas super mom! (man, chad and i have to jump on that weekly date night thing, fo sure!)
falala love you!

Burgin Streetman said...

i love those buttons!

Deb said...

You're a busy girl! I love those chicks and your baking looks delicious! Gotta try those toddler truffles. Beautiful holiday cards! Hope your holidays were merry!