Sunday, December 14, 2008

Comal county Birthday

It has been a week since my big 25Th (hehehehe)birthday that I celebrated in Grand (country) style in Comal County with 5 fabulous pals and my handsome King. Anyway I purposefully waited to write this post so I could blame time instead of alcohol for my memory loss.

~We traveled to Gruene Texas ~we arrived to an adorable old "haus"

~with all it's beautiful yard accessories

~ The house was situated in the back parking lot of the infamous honkytonk Rileys tavern ...known as the place" where my liqour loved to flow" or so I had heard...I now know that it is because they are the only place around that serves liquor not just beer and wine; a perfect nightcap for our gang
We got all dolled up and headed out to ring in my next year I remember Houston told me she was wearing her Loretta hair... and i knew it was just for me (sorry T).
~It was very cold as we rode to into a 'well lit' festive looking New Braunsfel to have a birthday dinner(i don't think I ever new the name of the restaurant. It was very nice though and there was a pig in the back courtyard that looked like our hound Gram. We went to Gruene and I did not take in the memory maker . It was loud and crowded and Fun!(yes Jason was very handsome but not as handsome as Daddy ) Thanks for all the birthday wishes !

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Anonymous said...

looks like you had a fun time! Happy Birthday!