Monday, December 1, 2008


Our thanksgiving was probably similar to most folks; yummy food and family fun....I am thankful for my wonderful family (and Cinda's pies)

~our Cousin was teethin' on a leg bone... My mother in law did all of the cooking except I supplied the green bean casserole (your very standard recipe) And a macaroni and cheese casserole(for burger"noonles"). She is very humble but she is really a master in the kitchen;(her pies are amazing)
and quite the craft artist as well which you may spot in beautiful table setting.
We all had a nice visit and burger was really lovin' his time with his Donda bunny.
He also had a good time with his Tia and cousin(aren't they just sugery sweet)
We went home with a ton of leftovers and I think burger and I were asleep but 7:30

(then Friday morning we had pumpkin pie for breakfast, with whipped cream of course)
Hope all yall's was as tasty!

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