Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Star Wars therapy

Burger has not spent much of his first 2 years sick so I was surprised to wake up to my feverish pup yesterday and today included all the terrible things that follow fevers. He is probably sick because he was supposed to stay well before his surgery. So anyway we spent the better part of the last 2 days watching all the 3 star wars movies( there are only 3 around this house), not just rewinding the rancor eating the "wort hog"(burger term), which was what we did last week

~As well as watching Wall~E 10-20 times.

We have been on a rancor rampage 'round these parts for
the better part of the holiday season. "rancor hungry, rancor eat some "

Today my little rancor drank some of his 'wort hog ' tea and said to mama rancor,"tea make rancor better", which made my heart pitter patter.


Blue Mama said...

Star Wars forever!!! Get better soon little Burger...we have to have a playdate soon, we've missed you!

Candance said...

Wait, what surgery? Did I miss that somewhere?

Max watches Star Wars all the time. I've never seen it. Funny, huh?