Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gator pants and more!! Look what I made

~Well I guess I am only partially responsible for this masterpiece

...but his gator pants and new roomy wool hat I made 100%

...I have been in make OVERDRIVE!! I have also been in 'forgetting to take photos LAND' and I have the lack of photos to prove it( I have sold many of these items and I am tearful).
I had my first trunk show ( more like wicker basket show hehehe) in North (central )Austin last week and left my camera at home AGAIN!!!It was fun, fun, fun and hopefully the hostess will send me a few pix(hint). I will call her "Tea lady"; And I am incredibly grateful to her for having me and my basket o' goods over along with a gaggle of cool mama's. Thanks Tea lady !!!
I did manage to take a few photos this weekend of some new goodies

~This Texas apron is still around.~ I designed this new raglan look seen here under the TEX apron that I am really lovin' on. ~It has sweater knit sleeves with ribbing as the arm bands. I have been playing with sweater knits ever since I started making the arm warmers. ...Anyway I had a lot of interested buyers but I was not quite ready to part with it so I called it a prototype that needs work(or to be worn by me or a good friend ..hint hint). What do y'all think?

~I also made Two more chic aprons that sold Saturday. I kind wanted to hang on to this one(I loved it sew) but of course it was the first to go.~ The patch on this on and the TEX apron are made from quilted pieces that I am told are from the 40's( and I believe it) .
~The quilted pieces are so precious to me. The artist who made them had such a great color sensibility I feel honored and very lucky to be able to collaborate with her. ~I also made this brownie one ~It is made from all new fabrics but the buttons were all vintage ~I had a lot of fun with the buttons on this apron.
~ I have a quick etsy shop announcement. I will not re-stocking my shop any time soon. If you see something you like, or something you would like me to make you a variation of, I would be more than thrilled. I make custom orders All the time ! If you are curious about sizes, or want to request a certain size of an item, I am very accommodating! You can email me or visit me at the market and we can make it work!! I am working on an actual 'Belle and Burger' online shop of my very own ....opening in 2009 (probably February) thanks guys!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aw man belle! Those aprons are awesome! I love the fabric you used for the raglan. And your sons pants are too cute!

Lo Christine said...

Love those aprons! Very cute:)

Laura said...

that is one fine looking young man you made! very fine, indeed