Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bertie's Pickled Okra recipe

~I have been wanting to make okra pickles all season and my plants are finally producing enough to get a good batch. I looked at a lot of recipes but Kg's mom makes the best; they are simple and yummy. When I was ready I got Ma Me to give me her okra pickle recipe. She told me it was Bertie's recipe. Bertie is Burger's Great, Great grandmother; that just made my day. The first batch I actually made with a combination of vegetables because I had not yielded quite enough okra for the recipe. I used cauliflower, carrots, pearl onions, and celery. Those jars are almost all gone now. I also added the onions to Bertie's original recipe below. Onions are hit around here and I like to play to the crowd. Ma Me says you can eat then as soon as they look done. We cracked our first jar about 2 weeks after I made them. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do.


4 pint jars
8-12 garlic cloves
8 serrano peppers

1 sm onion sliced in ringsor 12-16 pearl onions(optional)

mess O' Okra( approx 2 lbs)
4c white vinegar
2c H2O
1/3c salt

Load 4 pint size jars. Each with 2-3 garlics and 2 serrano and stuff with okra.
Boil vinegar water and salt. As soon as it is rolling hard you can pour it in the jars. Seal immediately. I was told Bertie did not process them further; the heat from the liquid helps seal the jars. They never last too long
'round here anyway.


Tamonster said...

what do you do with picked okra? do you just eat them like pickles?

belle said...

yes ~you sure do! just like a pickle except yummier