Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Shy Seahorse

~Burger has been way into ocean themes lately and while he is obsessing over sharks, I have been quite taken with seahorses and jelly fish( still working those). We even recently took a trip to the aquarium in Houston. Let me just say "shark Train" it was quite thrilling for all. So on the heels of that trip we have been mining our lovely new library for sea related tales and I came across this sweet inspirational book, " Seahorse the Shyest fish in the sea". John Lawrence illustrates this enchanted under water tale with brilliant woodcuts. ~The end papers have lovely detailed woodcuts depicting the different species of seahorses. I just had to put a lovely shy seahorse on this new dress I was making for myself. .....The fin is the last bit of lace from the sweater remake.

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Alex said...

Eeee, I love that lacy seahorse! I have been into ocean themes lately, too. That book looks awesome!