Monday, September 27, 2010

three birds and a turtle....

~Last week I made these three custom pieces, that I wanted to share. I had a lot of fun working each pieces design and building on my color palette and design elements through each one . These are humming birds #4 and 5. The twins was a subconscious ode to the recipient : she has two twin munchkins of her own.

~Humming bird #6 was easy and the skirt came together easily as well, but I struggled with the floral aspect of this design. I really wanted that white fabric with the tiny mustard polka dots as the main body of the flowers but the stark whited overpowered the rest of the skirt so I used a gold sheer to mute and tone the white. I must say I a happy with the final decisions I made.

~This little turtle tote was a gift for a lovely lady who happens to fancy the all mighty Tortuga. I really liked the way he came out. It was a super quick bag. It took less than an hour and half; from my first inclination to make a turtle shell from the scrap of brown fabric to the final pressing.
I love it when it all falls into place. speaking of fall , we are having one in central Texas and I am feeling the thrill of the chill, Burger and I made lovely leaf print lanterns...more on those later this week.


char said...

Oh I love the turtle bag, you're so talented! :)

Lucy in the Clouds said...

Oh LOVE that skirt! :)