Friday, August 29, 2008

Farmers Market..we are back

This weekend, August 30th, we will be back at our regular gig at the Farmers Market.
Here is a preview of some new handmade cards. I am calling them seamstress cards... I used a pattern that my lady friend over at Apron strings wrapped my gift in.

I also used ladies from a vintage cardboard box that cinda thrifted for me! Thanks ladies for the inspiration, I kinda love these. The yellow is hand dyed in the paper and all the material is vintage scraps . I would say they are 5o% post consumer product or something(the actual card is new heavy watercolor paper)

I wanted to share this sweet photo of dada and burger It is nice to be home with daddy again we missed you dada....thanks for all the surprises it was a nice return! I sure do love my boys~


Blue Mama said...

Looks great, Mama!!

Have a great time at the market tomorrow!
Any chance you can go to Craft-o-Rama tomorrow or too much? Give me a call if you want to go I can pick you up.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful cards!

I found a little bird while surfing blogs and thought of you.

It's so tweet...