Friday, October 17, 2008

maker madness

It is Friday and the Bazaar bizarre starts today with our load in and set up. Things are crazy round these parts( inside the little fort I call my head)

~I just found this self portrait in our photos file..don't exactly know who snapped it My man just gave me a much needed (he could see it in my wild and crazy eyes)pep talk edged with a warning that was something like" you are the key to this whole thing" (very positive) so do not loose It(warning): sometimes you loose it when the littlest thing goes wrong, it is all going to be OK , you know can do it(Preemptive)" See this is how I know I married the perfect compliment. Besides being 100% on this one, he framed the information in a way that does not put me on the defensive. He really does now how to get things done.Thanks daddy..for so much and all the yum yum breakfast for dinners

So moving along to the blog I should be neglecting. This is my 100Th post(which I understand is somewhat celebrated in blogland?) I had not even thought of it till I read this hi-larious blog entry by a super-fabu Texas lady calledCrazy Texas Mommy.
Anyway I sat down today thinking I should see how far I am from 100 (or if I had past it).
I was quite surprised and then a little not to see that by post numbered 99!? So anywho~ yay 100 post...there
Now we are busy little bees around here...I have a terrible sore throat~ this is my remedy along with my constant companion
~here are some very random snapshots of what I have been piecing together

and all I have to offer are some bad photos of a mad house...~and much super love
hopefully I will take"real" photos of all my stuff before it hopefully sells(hahaha). Can I get any more hope in there!?
This is my first official"craft" show so keep me in your thoughts and come see me At the Maker Faire if you are local


Blue Mama said...

I'm taking many deep breaths over here too! We'll feel better once everything is set up and we see the fruits of our labor in all their glory. ;)

Mmmm...that toddy was delish last night. They said no food at the fair, what's the policy on alchol??? ;) (haha)

Look at that little pile of stars I left on your desk...sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I love your rememdy for a sore throat, only mine would have to be some Jameson. Good good stuff. And your work looks beautiful, I wish I had half the talent you have. You piece things together in a way I never would've thought of.

Candance said...

I'm in your blogroll and you gave me love in your post which totally made my day since I just weighed and then yelled obscenities at my scale which didn't make the number littler and I was depressed! THANK YOU!!

I love your stuff. Love it!! Want a skirt made out of it to wear with my cool funky cowboy boots David bought me!

I am now adding reading your entire blog and smacking David in the chest yelling, "Look at that!!" to my daily list because I think I love you (but not in a creepy stalker way)!