Sunday, October 5, 2008

New belle and burger cards

I just wanted to show my new business cards...that's my super fabu rives BFK tan printing paper that I splurged on last week~ inspiration from pretty paper. The birdies are from a vintage napkin set that Cinda gave me (she always finds the best napkins!). I also made a set of 4 thank you cards.

I'll have a few of these note card sets at the Bazaar
Each set uses a different napkin as the theme and I made the little envelopes from paper bags. I was pleased with the outcome. I love small things in sets.(they are about 3.5x5)
There was great repost of a mailer tutorial on craft last week. I saw this after I made my envelopes (if I had seen it before It would have saved me some steps)


Anonymous said...

Great work, Belle! I love your cards!

Anonymous said...

Those look so cool. How did you transfer the image from the napkin?

belle said...

The napkin is glued (one layer) directly to the paper . I use watered down Aleene's tacky glue and I put a layer first on the paper then I carefully apply the thin napkin then I carefully brush the glue mix on top of the napkin. I use this technique for all my collaging and I change the thickness of the glue solution according to the thickness of the paper I am trying to collage.