Friday, December 5, 2008

happy birthday from me: new shirt and arm warmers

~"I am the happiest girl in the whole USA"~move over Donna Fargo, because I am going to Jason Boland and the Stragglers on Saturday night. My gal in Houston loves me so much that she is taking me !!!That along with my wondrous family and friends definitely makes me one of the happiest gals in Texas (that is bigger than the USA anyway isn't it?) It will be my first visit to Gruene Hall and I made myself a new shirt to wear with my new boots and wranglers. I made it a cap sleeve ~then I made some red sweater knit arm warmers(my first non recycled leg wear pair) to wear with. Maybe I will have better pictures later. I think I love them all! I received this super fabulous cow~gal necklace,just in time for the big nite out, from my sweet Fraulein, BlueMama .

lalalalalalove it!!!Thanks again cowboy lady


Blue Mama said...

I love the new shirt and the necklace looks perfect on you! Yayayayayayy! Jason Boland is so gonna want to run away with you and you're going to have to say:
"Jason, no thank you. I am a happily married woman!"

I hope you have a GREAT time!

Hellin Heels said...

I haven't been a country girl in a long time but damn if that outfit ain't the bee's knees!

Anonymous said...

I'm in loooooove with that shirt! It looks awesome!

Candance said...

You are too freaking precious!! I love the entire outfit!! I hope you had a wonderful and scandalous time at Gruene Hall and that you also got to eat at the Gristmill because it's yummy!

Hilda Vanessa Ramos said...

That shirt is awesome!! Love the fabrics and sleeves! You look great.