Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye Skip

"With his nasally voice, wry and witty delivery, and tongue often in cheek, Caray became an enduring sound of summer in the South. He described more than 4,000 Braves games ” from the last-place finishes of the 1970s and '80s through the 14 consecutive division titles of the 1990s and beyond." Tim Tucker, Atlanta Journal and Constitution

"With tears in my eyes I would like to remember long-time Atlanta Braves announcer, Skip Caray, who died last night in his sleep. I cannot tell you the countless hours I have spent listening to his coverage of Braves baseball. My husband and I have made a regular habit of turning off the television and listening to the scratchy coverage coming from a distant radio station just so that we could hear Skip’s colorful commentary. He was a truly a legend and a southern icon. He will be greatly missed." Quoted from magnoliablossom webblog


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quote! :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely!!! I can't wait to read your blog.