Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weekend preview...aha I did it!

So I am doing a weekend preview instead of a post view. I have been trying to get a "preview-a-week" going for about 4 months. No promises I will do this every week but maybe steps.

~I am posting three things; just a little snapshot of what I am working on for Saturday~

....a craft pouch ipod nano cozy

...and an owl apron

I sold my last little wallet (tea) this past Saturday and I had several requests for other types of wallets rather than the tea wallet. One request was not really a wallet but more of a hybrid between a crayon roll pouch and a wallet that was big enough to hold all sorts of crafty tools specifically knitting needles and embroidery supplies. I kinda love it! I can't wait to see what the crafty lady traveler thinks of it. It is tall enough for 12" knitting needles.

This was a tiny piece of a vintage quilt square that I had in my extra special scrap bucket...I think the squares are from the 40's or 50's. I stitched it to the flap that folds down to keep everything in place.

The design is needles in back row other crafty stuff in front row.
There is a even place for a tiny hoop
and a little snap wallet for sewing needles.It folds in thirds with an elastic button closure.

There is also plenty of space for other tools. So I am calling this a craft pouch, 'cause what postmodern lady can choose just ONE craft to take on a trip.

I also had a mamaversary gift to make (a great occasion coined by my blue mama ). Every time your child has a birthday you also celebrate your own mamaversary. I did not take photos of her darling little Ipod nano cozy cause I am a spaz ( I am sure she will let me snap a few)
Anyway I made another for the market it has two pockets one for earphones and one for your ipod nano. It is made from vintage and recycled fabric and a nice wooden button that is also recycled.

The final preview I have is full Owl apron that I am very excited about! Last week I showed you a vintage fabric skirt with an owl appliqued pocket. On this apron I used that same owl pattern for the smock.

He is standing on a little branch and there is a little tree appliqued /machine embroidered on the has no leaves cause I am itching for cooler weather.

I used a combination of vintage, recycled and new fabrics,

...and vintage buttons

and put it all together~ back view...

....and the front I will be adding some things to my etsy shop early next week (I promise DC)

******thanks for lookin'! See you Saturday!******


Blue Mama said...

As Paris would say: LOVES IT!!

I can't wait to see the craft pouch in she picking it up Sat? If so, maybe we can hook up pre-nap tomorrow. Did you get my message?

I made five MaeMae necklaces! I can't wait to show you.

I took pics of my mamaversary gift! I keep meaning to post an entry, it's been hectic this week. No naps, birthday week, etc. But I am going to, hopefully on Sat!

Anonymous said...

Your stuff always makes me it all!


Laura said...

beoootiful lil c! i'll be lookin out for the etsy post. i need somethin to wipe my domestic dishwashin hands on before i pic up my little dove!

julia said...

wow! i've been away in cali for 2 long weeks and i can't believe all the beautiful creations you've been crafting... i love that craft pouch and owl apron! chas, you blow my mind!