Tuesday, August 5, 2008

~New bling and new kicks~

So Dada really needed some new shoes this week since he said he was slipping when he was working on top of a roof because he has no tread left on his shoes~ and BIG dog really likes them...Ok, so I staged the photo a little he- is actually waiting patiently to be fed (food bowl not pictured)

And I was able to provide for his new shoes after the market...yay market! I Also of course needed a new pair of shoes.
So I went to whole earth provisions to get the crocs that look like flats( i know it is terrible but I love them) but they were all gone, however I had spied these cuties back when Nanny bought Merle his green crocs.
They were way too pricey and too wintry( or what passes for winter in Texas)back in May. Lucky for me they were still available in my size and 1/2 the price! I really love them...sweet little horned owls.
I also traded my owl skirt that I just posted yesterday~ for this beautiful necklace.

The flower is pure silver( which means like 99. something% pure) I just love the heaviness of the tiny thing; and the soft smoothness when you touch the metal and the bead is recycled glass(I love m2's little metal tags)
I also have another little something coming from her(M2)I will post it later.
My final weekend acquisition was from the ever so talented Blue Mama. I really love the simplicity of these earrings. The buttons are vintage on a hoop that she fashioned from sterling silver wire. I wore these blue flower earrings to the market on Saturday and got all kinds of compliments .

They are light as a feather and super comfortable.Especially these little green babies, I wore them for 3 days straight to bed and everything(...oops). I only took them out to take these photos.
I know she has multiples of the blue flower button ones that she is putting up for sell in her etsy shop. Her prices are super reasonable and you can do combos like lavender vanilla lip balm and Modgepodge recycled fabric earrings as gifts for your BFF( like me; well I bought orange blossom and a necklace...you get the idea). By the way she also puts fabric remnants on the lip balm tins making them sweet inside and out .

Lately I am really loving my sweet lips agave-rose lip balm.
the texture is creamy perfection and the tint is just right with my sunny market kissed skin.

I am truly lucky to have found a kindred soul in such a talented intelligent lady(love you blue mama)

*************Thanks for perusing my little shop/swap extravaganza!!!!********************


Blue Mama said...

What a sweet post!!!

Erndog said...

My size 11 1/2 feet are soooo jealous, er...I mean happy! for your feet. Very cute shoes! I'll just tell myself that they'd probably look goofy if they even came in a size 11.5. ;-)
Nice running in to you at the fabric store the other day!

Blue Mama said...

Why does Mae Mae not have any web presence??? I wanted to do a link to her on my blog...so frustrating! I'm still going to do a M2 shout-out though...keep an eye out!

Anonymous said...

I never go shopping (one of my stranger foibles) so I didn't even know croc made such a shoe. They're darling, and if they are as comfortable as the ugly plastic ones...wow! Good for you!

The vintage button earrings are wonderful...I need a pair for my granddaughter...will have to see Blue Mama about that.