Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Have I ever told you how much I love that country Music?

Well I do. I loooooove it!I am not ashamed and I don't just like "old"country( although I do have issue with what some people call country music these days). I just like GOOD country Music ...It is the music singing in my SOUL and it is pretty loud and always on. Don't get me wrong I love music, all kinds, always have; but it all started with country vinyl. ~Admittedly I have an intolerable memory. I just don't remember things atall.But I do remember very well sitting in front of our fancy stereo in Coldwater Creek Alabama listening and learning to read from the Alabama Feels so right album cover

Well I have come a long way but I still love a good country music song. Yesterday my absolutely favorite country(living) music singer and his band released their new album. Now calling Jason Boland my favorite living country music singer might not seem too important to some of you, but remember Willie, Merle and George are all still living(i might not be going to Hillbilly heaven after mentioning that). Call me crazy ( my daddy often does) but he is not only "the Real Deal" but also "The Total package".

I have only been a fan for about 3-4 years but I do have all their records and the progression of this mans song writing is the stuff country music legends are made of. I have only listened to their latest offering all the way through twice, however it already has stole my heart. Well I am gushing like a teenage girl so I will leave a little sample here from his latest ...

"I guess it finally rained
It’s down to 85º
I bet the fish are biting
Down by the river side
But it’s the only place made colder
Around here in the middle of June
By endless string of strangers
Brought by the summer moon "

Jason Boland Comal County Blue

Jason had to undergo surgery Yesterday on his Vocal chordsThe same day they released the new record .(if that ain't country)
I wish him a speedy recovery

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