Thursday, August 14, 2008

sharing some of summer...

Paps will be proud of this photo

We have had a really great summer! I know, I know, it is far from over here in central Texas but I want to look back at this post in late October when the end of the heat is drawing near and say "see you don't really hate summer"

one more time.... Happy Birthday ladies
As burger and I head towards a week in Alabama I needed to review the Houston trip to give myself some courage

and thanks everyone for all the fun photos!!

Thanks Herpeton for all the fun indoor distractions. I was glad to introduce our cali transplants to our little "zoo"

as you can see the elephant is always in hand

and we even had fun doing laundry......hahahhaahhahaha, well sort of

And hopefully I will be able to check my blog at least once while we are gone and see all the people we love and miss!

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