Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pretty, new bags

I am sort of procrastinating getting ready for my market day this weekend so I just had to write a post about new bags. First off an absolutely fabulous trade from my ever so talented compadre Blue Mama.
I just loved her black plastic knitted bag she had for sell on etsy so we worked out a swap, custom bag for custom wrap skirt( I am still working on my end of the deal). By the way she still has one of these babies on her etsy.
The handles are these super cute vintage marbled square plastic treasures...I love them so!
She also made mine have a handy dandy front pocket adorned with coordinating vintage buttons!

Thank you blue mama I will use it with pride.

The other new bag I am posting about is one I made for myself for my trip to bama. It is a new belle and burger design that I am pretty excited about. It is sort of humongous but it doesn't really have to wear that way.

I designed it as my carry-all carry-on and It was able to be my only carry on(with burger in sling and one bag). Since being home I have been toting it with just my usual necessities and I am really enjoying its versatile size.
I can throw any little thing I might need to grab at the store in here instead of having to bring an extra shopping tote. The side pocket I designed for books and magazines opens up as a perfect extra tote on my tote!

It has three main compartments and a small cell/lip balm pocket in the main compartment along with a keyring loop(I would loose my phone and my keys if I did not add these two essentials)

It has one big shoulder style strap that is cinched in the center with a loop that is very comfy on your shoulder especially when the bag is loaded.
It is fully lined including the strap. I see it as a big bucket, style bag. I am ready to make more with maybe all four panels being coordinated fabrics but each different. I can't wait to put some together using different coordinating fabrics for all the panels. It is a patchwork dream.

On my bag I really wanted to work in one of my new little owls so I created a "fall drawing" with a little scabby owl
and I also had some fun with a little hand and machine embroidered details( I do not have a machine that really embroiders I just call by machine stitches that are purely decorative~ embroidered )

so what do ya'll think?


Blue Mama said...

Love the new bag design!!!

Anonymous said...

I think both you ladies are brilliant. I'm a bag lady from way back...and I know a great bag when I see one. :D And...humongous is good!

becks said...

super duper cute. love both the bags.

Anonymous said...

I'm really loving your bag. It's beautiful and looks to be just the right size I would need on a daily basis. Gorgeous!