Monday, August 4, 2008

A few things I loved and set free

*************( No way not the burger)

I always feel so behind in my week working up to the market. I try to be organized and start working early but inevitably I am up till 2 am on Friday night working away... Then when I lay down to try to sleep get excited about setting up the market in the morning and getting to put all my new creations up for people to see and hopefully talk about and perhaps even purchase. I use to call this feeling anxiety now I have calmed my nerves a bit. There have been quite a few goodies that have left me unremembered(no picture); I have a terrible memory so no picture = no recollection. Lately I have been toting my camera with me to try and catch a few recollections.
Several of these things sold and I even traded a few to fellow vendors(LOVE that)

This apron sold pretty early. It is the first featuring a rooster from a sweet old table cloth , The skirt was a panel from an IKEA curtain, I really felt sort of hokey putting this together but I just loved the end result(Hey I am sort of hokey and I am OK with it).

I also sold this onesie pretty early too. It has a little Giraffe calf (a sleeping giraffe calf!) on it! I don't usually throw up my appliqued things on here but I just really love that calf...I bought the fabric for burger because it has all these elephants bathing and tooting around I didn't even notice the little calf till I started cutting out elephants.
I also got back into some undies this week , I finished up a couple that I had hanging around half done
These ones ( the green and blue ones)I traded for vegetables! Panties for produce ...only at Sunset valley Farmers Market

I made this little nightie set...jeez you know I don't think I would have ever thought I would think dinosaurs could be kinda sexy but... what do you think? Hot mama's pajamas

I also traded this little vintage fabric Owl skirt for some new bling. Owls remind me of fall for some reason and if we can't have real fall weather we can have pretend fall with color and animals. I am very thrilled with this trade I made with m2 (she has no link but has a booth at the market and sells at Parts an Labor.
I will post some photos of my booty from the trade when I take pictures.

So farewell to all you sweet inspirations I am hope you are loved to pieces

Thank you Dada for always helping me so much
"I am nothing with out you no matter what I do"


Anonymous said...

Loved the show! Your creations always make me smile. Roosters are among my favorite things so the tablecloth apron really appeals to me.

You inspired a new apron by's not like yours...I just stretched my creative wings a bit after taking in your work. I posted a picture a couple days ago. Take a look when you get a chance.

I'm still having a hard time wiping my hands on my sassy apron. I've gotta get over that.

Congratulations on a good weekend at the market. That sounds like so much fun...except for the heat. When I first moved to Austin back in the early 70,s I went looking for a job down on Guadalupe. The sun was oppressive, and I, not knowing a soul, hit the pavement. When I woke up I was encircled by strange but concerned faces. Ugh...not one of my favorite memories. I did get a job that a little diner. I think the name of the diner was Joe's, but I'm not sure. He had the best chicken fried steak and baked potato in TX.

Blue Mama said...

I love this entry, so sweet! I love all of your masterpieces!!!