Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A few things I want to mention

I have a sort of smorgasbord post in mind or actually I have like 3 posts in mind but I only really have time for one. I lost a day( almost 2) already this week to a headache so I will make-up a little time here. Part of the reason I am short of time this week is burger and I are headin' to the Alabama woods(The Talladega National forest to be exact) for a week long trip back in time(to the land where there is no Internet). There is however a huge TV and all the Atlanta Braves baseball you could want
~(yes i am a brave, we will miss you Skip Carey)

**First post Family loveliness and brag photos
Look at my handsome guys
I found out the name of this little park that we love is Butler District Park. This was brought to my attention by a blog post on Rookie moms. The Post was titled "activity#634:spend a week in Austin"
and I have to admit I really didn't read the whole thing but It may be interesting. I however am not responsible if you read it and get bored. This was only our second trip but we have hit it at about 10:30am both times and found parking in the lot both times.( yay)
**The next little post is date night skirt! I started to make the owl apron with this material but decided I wanted to make my "Angry Chicken;5 min skirt from it instead"
I had printed the awesome little tutorial a while ago and just hung it on my "I wish I had time to make myself something" board. Anyway it was a great chance to use the FOE(fold over elastic) on a woven instead of on a knit ( which I have been doing rather successfully after Angry Chickens informative and hilarious video tutorial)

~Well anyway I sort of love it ! It definitely took me longer than five minutes, but ask me again after my next one. I think this is a great pattern for fall(or winter in Austin) because it is flowy and flattering in a longer length. ( longer than I made mine)
These photos are from date-nite hence the extra sassafras( this is a clean photo it only looks naughty cause the camera was set on macro)
**The final post within this post is photos of my absolutely beautiful surprise I received in the mail, from my sweet new friend ApronStrings. She was the winner of My apron Giveaway in July. Monday I received this beautiful gift apron from her. I love it so!
It is funny I make alot of aprons, but the only one I have made for myself is the one I wear at the Market. I don't wear it at home because I don't want to have to wash it every week( my laundry facilities are limited). I have other aprons but this one is super special.And isn't that part of the fun of aprons; they make everyday stuff special. She also sent me the sweetest letter that brought a tear to my little eye (thanks D).
What is that? how can you get your own beautiful apron like this? well you can hop over to Apron strings and bug her about setting up an etsy shop ( you can do it D and you SHOULD do it )

so that wasn't so bad ... there was a common thread in there somewhere..maybe

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Anonymous said...

You are so sweet and such an encourager. It's strange seeing an apron I made online...I do hope you'll wear it and enjoy it. Aprons have become second nature for me...If I'm home and awake...I've likely got one on.

I hope y'all have a blast with your mom and love her enough to last when you go back home.

We'll miss you.